Welcome to Labrang, “miniature Tibet” and home to the most comprehensive Tibetan university monastery in the world---Labrang Monastery. Located in the middle of the ancient Silk Road, now the easiest gateway from Mainland China to Tibetan regions, Labrang is the ideal place for you to start exploring the mysterious land of snow, with relatively lower altitude, and no special entry permission required for foreigners. As the only independent outdoor expert and folk travel agency here, Snow Mountain Adventures aims to provide all-around, good value travel services from Labrang to the entire Tibet for both domestic and overseas tourists.


We are a team of indigenous Tibetan tourism professionals, most of us with over 10 years of experience in traveling and established industry connections in the whole Tibetan region. We are capable of catering to the specific need of each tourist by offering a variety of flexible travel solutions, such as bilingual guides, outdoor equipment, multiple transport and accommodation options, plus an extensive portfolio of tours, to ensure you to savor the beauty of Tibetan nature and culture, like a local.


Located at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, a junction of various races and cultures, our vision is to promote two-way exchange and communication between different cultures. Our specialty is to create a customized travel plan especially for you, to satisfy not only your eyes, but also hearts and minds. We encourage you to take adventures in harmony with nature and culture, in pursuit of a healthy and happy way of life, sharing with and supporting each other.


We are ready to do our best to give you a fun, unique and carefree travel experience, wherever you are travelling in Xiahe or the Tibetan region.


With best regards from me and the team,


The Snows Mountain Adventures logo represents an old Tibetan legend.

Once in a forest in Varanasi, four animals: An elephant, a rabbit, a monkey, and a partridge disputed about the ownership of a tree where all of them had fed. The elephant claimed, “Well, this is my tree because I saw it first.”

To this the monkey replied: “Now, elephant do you see any fruits on this tree?”

The elephant agreed that the tree was without any fruit.

The monkey continued: “That’s because I had been feeding on the fruits of the tree long before you ever saw it.”

Next the rabbit spoke up: “I fed on the leaves of this tree when it was just a small sapling before the monkey ate its fruit and way before the elephant ever saw it.”

Finally the partridge who had been watching the argument, came forward and asserted: “The tree belongs to me because the tree wouldn’t have grown if I hadn’t spit it out as a seed. I helped plant the seed that grew into this huge tree before the rabbit fed on it, or the monkey ate its fruit, or the elephant saw it.”

The elephant, monkey, and rabbit, conceded that the partridge was the first to know the tree. So all of bowed to the partridge and regarded it as their elder brother.

The four animals became friends and decided to share the tree together in peaceful harmony, enjoying the beauty of the tree’s fragrance, the nourishment of its fruits, and the bounty of its shade. They worked together to obtain fruits: The fruits on the ground and on the lowest branches, the partridge and rabbit found by working together. The monkey climbed the tree and dropped the fruits for everyone to share but only the elephant could reach the highest branches with his trunk. The four animals worked co-operatively and with their combined strength, each one benefited and no one went hungry.

Other animals in the forest often saw them together with the partridge on top of the rabbit who was held up by the monkey who rode on top of the elephant. Since then, they were called “The Four Harmonious Brothers.” The four animals were looked upon as an example of peace, harmony, co-operation, interdependence and friendship.

We sincerely hope our team can bring such idea and inspiration to you.

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