Motorcycle rides across the skyline


Riding across the skyline of a holy mountain, a sacred lake, or vast grasslands on the roof of the world, this fabulous tour is not everyone can do in their life. Explore Gannan and Amdo Tibetan regions on motorcycles with our best local Tibetan guides:

  • Cruise through the magnificent landscape along the Tibetan Plateau: the highest holy mountain in Amdo Mt. Amnye Machen, the bigest inland salt lake of China Qinghai Lake, the largest grassland in Tibet Dzonge

  • Contrast monasteries belonging to four sect of Tibetan Buddhism in picturesque settings

  • Visit Danba beauty’s Valley, featuring gorgeous stone houses, watch towers and villagers

  • Explore some of the most interesting places in this region: Derge printing temple, Gyanak Mani (the largest field of mani stones in the whole Tibet)


 DAY 1 

One-day ride tour Around Labrang

A. A glance of historic sites on Ganja grasslands (140 km / 87 miles)

After visiting famous ancient sites such as Tarkar monastery with Sky burial place and Holy cave, Ba Jiao ancient walled-town, Zehai Bon monastery, a ride onto a mountain will lead you to the sacred lake of Darzon.


B     Grasslands and Nomadic life (165 km / 103 miles)

Deep into Sangke grasslands, you’ll have a splendid view of flowers and yaks on Chunak ChuKha, Dajiu Tang, which means horse-racing grasslands.



Three-day ride tour:  A string of scenic sites in Gannan

D1: Sangke Grasslands—Gahai Lake—Langmusi (Mountain town) (215km/133miles)

Starting from Sangke grasslands near Labrang, passing through Serlong valley, after 3-4 hours ride you’ll arrive the Gahai Lake, to enjoy the beautiful view of waterfowls on the highland. In the afternoon you’ll head to Langmusi, featuring splendid monasteries on the backdrop of mountains and forests, which is called “Oriental Switzerland”. Overnight at this picturesque mountain town crossing border of Sichuan and Gansu province.


D2: Langmusi—Zha Ga Na: birthplace of Adam and Eva (94km/63miles)

In the morning you can have a stroll around Langmusi to visit two monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism, perhaps a Muslim Mosque as well. Or have a coffee, visit local boutique shops to start a relaxing morning. Afterwards heading to Zhagana, a pretty village hidden in the stone mountains, where Joseph Rock discovered it in 1925-1927 and called it “the birthplace of Adam and Eva”. Dwelling in this quiet village at a Tibetan wooden house, you’ll certainly be impressed by the stars shining in the night sky within the mountains.  


D3: Zha Ga Na---Dzetsa Stone Forest -- Labrang.(404km/251miles)

Farewell to Zhagana , after 3-4 hours ride you’ll reach  Dzetsa Stone Forest. Spend several hours there before return Labrang.



Five-days ride tour.

A.  Ganja grassland, Repgong, Jiantsa, Kamra national forest park, Guide, Daotanghe, Qinghai Lake, Qunjia, Shachong Monastery, Labrang. (1090 km / 678 miles)

B. Sangke grassland, Sokdzon nomadic area, Tsekok, Raja Monastery, Machen, Mt. Amnye Machen Mountain, Guide, Kamra National Forest Park, Repgong, Labrang.

(1345 km / 836 miles)


Tour Includes
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners,

  • Accommodation: 4/3 star hotel,homestay,camping

  • English-speaking, native Tibetan tour guide

  • Transportation: Yamaha 250  Motorbike

  • Entrance fees

Tour Map
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