Tibetan Horse Racing
Tibetan Horse Racing
Tibetan Horse Racing
Tibetan Horse Racing
Tibetan Horse Racing
Tibetan Horse Racing

Beginning on July 25th of the Lunar Calendar, Jyekundo (Yushu) Horse Racing Festival is an annual event for people who love horses and Tibetan folk culture. As the largest horse-racing event in Tibet regions, it gathers nomads and horsemen from all over Tibet, to showcase their best horses and horseback skills including acrobatics, as well as to compete for the champion award. 

The highlights of their performances include actions of shooting arrow and spear on the horseback, picking up Tibetan Khateks on the ground as many as one can from horseback while maintaining the speed, and standing on the racing horseback, etc.

This highly-anticipated, weeklong horsemanship festival comprises fiercel competitions where contestants go head to head competing in categories on speed, style, agility, marksmanship and acrobatics. During the festive local people perform traditional Tibetan songs and dances, showing their costumes and accessories from various regions and villages on the grassland.  All these make it a most joyful gathering for tourists and locals alike.    

  • Pass through vast highland grasslands in summer, with views of wild animals.

  • Join competitors from various Tibetan regions in the largest horseracing Festival in Tibet, to enjoy a string of events such as folk music and dances, archery and shooting games, and acrobatics performance.

  • Visit nearby tourist attractions including the largest Mani Stone Wall in Tibet.

  • An extension to savor the beautiful scenery in Kham ended in Chengdu is available.


 DAY 1 


On arrival in Xining, you’ll be picked up at the airport and transferred to hotel.

 DAY 2 

Jyekundo (Yushu)

Climbing up a 800 km ride to Jyekundo (Yushu) at an altitude of over 4200 meter, along the way you’ll see vast grasslands and wild animals such as wild donkey and gazelle, along with thousands of horses and other livestocks.

 DAY 3 

Jyekundo (Yushu)

Arrive Jyekundo (Yushu) before 4th September (Lunar July 25th), the first day of Yushu Horse Racing Festival. On the day watch the opening ceremony.

 DAY 4 

Jyekundo (Yushu)

On the first day of horse racing, you’ll see horsemen from all around Tibet, as well as watch singing and dance performances of various Tibetan regions.

 DAY 5 

Jyekundo (Yushu)

Besides traditional equestrian performance, you can pay a visit to Princess Wencheng’s Temple.

 DAY 6 

Jyekundo (Yushu)

Watch Archery and shooting games, along with the largest Mani Stone Wall in Tibet.

 DAY 7 

Jyekundo (Yushu)

Visit Jyekundo (Yushu) Monastery. Continue to see programs at the horse-racing Festival.


 DAY 8 

Jyekundo (Yushu)

Nomad home visits plus various performances at the festival. Join circle dance if you’d like.


 DAY 9 
Jyekundo (Yushu)

Attend the closing ceremony. Say goodbye to horsemen and friends you made during the past week.

 DAY 10 

Return to Xining, or continue your journey to Kham if you have opted for the extension.

Five Day Extension To Kham

 DAY 1 


Visit one of the most beautiful monasteries in Tibet region, Dzongchen Monastery, surrounded by Snow Mountains and ever-green forests. One the way visits Sershu monastery and Dzachuka nomadic region.

 DAY 2 


On the way to Derge, you’ll pass the Torla pass (5050m) and have a glance at the picturesque Yilhun Lhatso Lake.

 DAY 3 


Visit the Derge Parkhang, Scripture Printing Press Temple, one of the foremost cultural treasures of Tibet, to watch the live printing process there. Stay overnight at Pelyul.

 DAY 4 


Admire Yala Holy Mountain from wide grasslands, one of the most impressive views in this region.

 DAY 5 


Arrive Chengdu; take a rest or a foodie tour in this relaxing capital city of Sichuan Cuisine before heading home.  

Tour Includes
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners

  • Accommodation: 4/3 star hotel,homestay,camping

  • English-speaking, native Tibetan tour guide

  • Transportation: Private SUV 4x4 Landcurise, Parado

  • Entrance fees

  • Mineral water during the tour pick-up and drop-off

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