Xiahe Reopens to foreign Tourists after a temporary close in 2008

As the nearest and the most convenient destination to savor the Tibetan region in China, also home to the most comprehensive Tibetan Buddhism university monastery ---Labrang Monastery, Xiahe has been listed as a region open to foreigners by the State Council of China since 1980s.

The number of visitors dropped in 2008, when a riot occurring on 14th March resulted in closing entry to both domestic and overseas tourists for the following years.

The restrictions were eased around 2012. A local government record shows 320 foreign visitors entered Xiahe, and a total revenue of 6.27 million RMB generated from the Tourism Industry was reported during the first three

days of May Holiday of that year.

From then on, the tourism industry has seen continuous flourishing. In 2014, the revenue generated from tourism account for 18.6% of Xiahe’s GDP.

Now rated as the second most worth-visiting destination for overseas tourists in Gansu province, Xiahe is attracting people from all around the world, due to its beautiful natural sceneries and extraordinary cultural distinction.

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