Xiahe Airport adds New Airlines Connecting Major Cities in China

Opened on 19 August 2013, Gannan Xiahe Airport (IATA: GXH, ICAO: ZLXH) has changed transport to Xiahe dramatically. Before that, from the ancient capital Xi’an in the central China, one needs dozens of hours train travel to Lanzhou, then change to a three-to-four-hour bus ride before reaches Xiahe. From then on, travelling by air from Xi’an to Xiahe takes only about one hour or so.

72 kilometers from the Xiahe county and 56 kilometers from Hezuo, the capital of Gannan Prefecture, the new airport is the first airport built in minority areas of Gansu province, with an altitude of over 3200 meters. It is projected to handle 140,000 passengers annually by 2020.

The next year saw a new airline between Xiahe and Lhasa. Following it, Chengdu, Yinchuan, Chongqing and Tianjin were connected with Xiahe by new air routes.

By the end of 2017, Xiahe is joined with 4 international airports in China, namely Tianjin (near Beijing), Xi’an, Chongqin and Chengdu. If you arrive in China at either of the airports mentioned above, from which it takes less than three hours to travel to Xiahe by air.

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