Speaking good English and Mandarin, Tibetan Kalsang dances well, both in Tibetan Guozhuang and Gangnam style . With a longing to see different places around the world, he has acted as an English tour guide since the age of 23 and has set foot in major tourist regions throughout and beyond China. At a young age he was into trekking, but now prefers self- driving: in 2016 he served as leader, guiding a group driving through the no-man’s land of Hohxil. 



Enjoying making friends and joking, fun loving and dynamic Dondrup opened the first travel agency in Xiahe. He started serving as an English guide and tour escort around the Tibetan region 11 years ago. In 2011 he took over the Snowy Mountain Cafe, which was recommended in Lonely Planet and has continued to flourish since then. Dondrup’s dream is to provide all-around services to tourists, and help them to discover the secrets of Tibet.  



“Music is in my blood.” Once a singer and music producer, now a travel expert and advocate of Tibetan culture, Tashi is specialised in planning itineraries and organizing outward bound and outdoor activity. Frequently, he is asked by our customers to sing when travelling together on the road.



Born into a nomadic family near Xiahe, Sam travelled to India when he was 4. There he grew up and was educated, gaining a diploma in Hotel Management. Sam is a freelance English guide with rich travelling experiences, specialising in trekking and visiting nomadic families. He is also skilled in preparing food and drinks.



Born in Kamra Forest scenic area in Qinghai, Long Jack met tourists throughout his childhood, dreaming of travelling around the world since then. As a graduate majoring in Tourism Management, he studied History, Folklore, Tibetan Buddhism and Culture, trained in starred hotels and obtained professional certificates, accumulated experiences as a tour guide. Having a profound interest in History and Human Geography, Long Jack is good at helping tourists get insight into Tibetan Culture and Religion by telling stories.



"Hiking is my way of meditation".

Middle-aged Dorjee always hikes whenever he feels in need of stilling his mind and being immersed in nature. With a diploma in Tibetan literature and also fluent in Chinese, Dorjee indulges himself in hiking alone and afterwards shares his experience of unexplored areas with tourists. He has been introducing volunteer teachers to help children in local mountainous regions, in the hope of making more profound changes in Tibet rather than merely tourism.  



He was born in Labrang, Gansu province. China. He had completed his high school in 1998, in Hezuo (prefecture, or state, the Tibetan autonomous region), in Gansu prov. After having finished his 12 years ‘schooling, he has started been an English guide in Shangri-la, Yunnan, as he is tremendously interested in tourism industry, he loves traveling with his clients, since then he has become one of the most reliable guides in Yunnan province.

But recently, he has already shifted his position to his hometown (Labrang, Gansu prov), as he intensively wanted to run through the three regions of Tibet: Kham, Lhasa and Amdo regions (in Chinese name: Sichuan, Lasa, Anduo). So, nowadays, he is one of the most reliable and experienced guides on the Tibetan plateau.

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No.185 Yagetang | Labrang | Xiahe County | Gansu Province | China | 747100