Booking a tour or service

You can get detailed information of all our tours and services on this website, or contact our staff for up-to-date information. Further enquiry can be made through contact us form or forum. All the tours are subject to be booked online. You can even fill in a bespoke tour form to get a tailored tour within 24 hours.

Upon confirmation of the tour, which is suggested to be done at least a week prior to your arrival, you are required to pay an initial payment of 30% of the total trip/service cost as deposit via Paypal, which can be refunded during the off season, but with a deduction which variant accordingly in the high season.

On arrival or the first day of your trip, you will need to pay the balance (70%) of payment via cash or bank transfer. Unfortunately, international transfers from foreign banks and Western Union Payments are not available in Xiahe.


A cancellation can only be made in an emergency, such as a health condition or natural disasters, in which case, please notify us as soon as possible, to ensure the least costs to both parties.

Your deposit, which is 30% of the total travel cost, can be refund during the off-season, with a 50% deduction to be made from your reimbursement. However, during the high season (Tibetan New Year/ Monlam Festival, National Holidays, June to September), the deposit is non-refundable, due to the tight timeline and reserved place. If you have to end your trip ahead of schedule due to personal reasons, all the fares are non-refundable. However, in case of natural disasters or other force majeure, a 50% reimbursement of the rest days cost will be returned.

Complaints & Reviews

You generally have a right to complain about any inconvenience or dissatisfactions occurring in the period of travelling or dealing with us. Any complaints can be sent to us via contact us  or email  And a reply within 24 hours will sent within 24 hours.

It's great to get your feedback and we would really like you to leave a review on the homepage. 


At Snow Mountain Adventures, we respect everyone’s privacy in all forms; photos and content. This privacy policy aims to inform you why we collect and what we do with your personal information, as well as our copyright protection policy.


Your privacy

The purposes for which we collect your personal information when you register or contact us are: administering the site, contacting you about bookings, keeping in touch with you, and provide services accordingly. Generally, we will treat your personal details confidentially. We may disclose information about you to local guides or related service providers, in aim of providing the services you require, or in case of law enforcement.  But we will never deliberately disclose or sell your contact details for commercial purpose, or to a third party.


We invest a lot of effort, time, money and collective creativity in this website, including our products (tours, services, etc.) and content of this website, which is protected by copyright. Permission is needed before reproducing or copying our content for any form of usage. All the content on this website, including texts, images, maps and the company logo, falls within the scope of protection. In all cases, we require that you seek permission before using any of our content and are acknowledged as the owners of the content of this website. Any violation of this agreement may result in legal action.

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