Trekking Tibet
Trekking Tibet
Trekking Tibet
Trekking Tibet
Trekking Tibet
Trekking Tibet

This trekking route covers almost 100km and was originally created by a group of French trekkers a decade ago, before it was rediscovered and refined by our trekking guides in the summer of 2017. This route connects Labrang and Repgong, two most important historical and cultural sites in Amdo Tibetan region, with stunning views of some most beautiful grasslands, mountains, forests and rivers.  In August 2017, a group of French tourists guided by Labrang Snow Mountain Travel & Adventure successfully challenged this route in 5 days, over an altitude of 3000m.

  • Labrang Monastery, the largest Tibetan Buddhism monastery with six colleges covering philosophy, astrology and medicine.

  • Repgong, the origin of Tibetan Thangka painting and other art forms.

  • Sercham Tang grasslands, which means wild flowers blooming luxuriantly around the grasslands, especially in summer.

  • Gonmo pass (3900m) , the highest point in this route, where Tibetans worship the mountain god once a year in summer.


 DAY 1 

Labrang Monastery to Sercham Tang (16km, 6 hours walk)

Start trekking from Labrang Monastery, along the Xiahe River and the longest pilgrim path in the world. Via Sakhe valley, climbing up to a mountain pass Ritork Gongma (3300m) to have a picnic lunch. Before dusk you’ll reach Sercham Tang grasslands, which is the camping spot of tonight.

 DAY 2 

Sercham Tang to Chaka Lai (20km, 7.5 hours walk)

After a breakfast consists of sandwiches, peanut butter, jam, milk tea/café, and boiled eggs, you’ll feel refreshed and start trekking at around 8am. During the first three days you’ll view the most enchanting part of this route: today’s highlight is the vast Ganja grasslands. Arrive Chaka Lai for camping.

 DAY 3 

Chaka Lai to Gertse (18km, 7 hours walk)

Today you’ll facing the challenge of climbing up the highest mountain Gonmo (3900m) in this route. If lucky, you’ll have a chance to watch the worship ceremony to the mountain god once a year in summer, before arriving Gertse, the camping spot located in another province Qinghai.

 DAY 4 

Gertse to Shengchu Village (17km, 7 hours walk)

This part of route winds through forests and valleys, as you have passed nomad area and entered agricultural region. Today you have to walk up and down many hills, with reward of seeing various birds and wild animals, before resting at the Village.

 DAY 5 

Shengchu to Kapakyi Village (13km, 5 hours walk)

Walk through fields, valleys and hills, until you reach the next camping village. Along the way you’ll see farmers working in the fields, or briefly experience their daily lives.

 DAY 6 

Repgong (11km, 4 hours walk)

The journey is towards end, while you’ll go up to Gyawo Gang mountain, to have a panoramic view of vast lands, including Repgong, the art capital of Amdo Tibetan region. Discover the town and its vibrant culture and art scenes before you returning home.


Tour Includes
  • Your tour package Includes:

  • Picnic Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and tea breaks

  • Camping gears including tents, Sleeping bags and picnic facilities

  • English-speaking, native Tibetan tour guide

  • Pick-up and drop-off

  • Transportation for trekking equipment

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